CompressionFit HDPE Pipe Lining

for 16" through 78" water transmission

& sewer force main replacement


HDPE pipe lining method that results in a compressive fit within the host pipe.  The technology offers remarkable value over other construction methods.


Swagelining™ is a proprietary technology owned by Swagelining Limited in the United Kingdom



History of Swagelining:


The principle of Swagelining was developed over 30 years ago by British Gas and United Utilities (die drawing) to address the problem of failing pipeline systems that were buried and entangled with other utilities throughout urban and rural areas.  The success of the HDPE compressive fit lining process within the utilities industry, lead to further extensive development and testing work by British Gas to apply the technology to other sectors.  It is currently considered by the pipeline industry as the benchmark in polymer lining technology due to its ability to deliver cost effective lining solutions in essentially every environment.  With an extensive list of successfully completed projects across the globe, the technology has been proven in many extreme projects spanning three decades onshore and subsea. Projects have been completed for water, sewer force main, mining, hydrocarbons, chemicals, bulk products and gas distribution.  The technique can be used for rehabilitation of ageing pipes of any material in order to extend life of the asset, or new pipelines onshore and subsea as alternatives to a corrosion allowance or use of a CRA pipe material.