Compression Fit HDPE Pipe Lining

for 16" through 78" water transmission & sewer force main renewal

Increased Flow Rates over Slip Lining

  • Tight fitting HDPE provides maximum Internal Diameter delivering greatest flow

  • Smooth wall of HDPE (150 c-factor) reduces friction and pumping costs

  • No grouting is required due to compressive tight fit of new HDPE


Minimal Schedule and Impact

  • Production rates of up to 5,000 feet in a single pull

  • 91% less excavation than open cut


Superior Long Term Design Life

  • HDPE has a design life in excess of 100 years, unlike short term fixes


Solution to the Problem

  • Fully structural HDPE can be installed if the host pipe has no integrity

  • Semi-structural HDPE can be installed if the host pipe has some integrity, yet increase strength, span holes and provide corrosion protection

  • Thin walled HDPE can be installed if the host pipe is sound, but joints are leaking or corrosion protection is required


Existing Utility Path Followed

  • No available easement?  We won't need one

  • Design hours reduced as utility relocates are irrelevant

HDPE lining method that results in 'compressive tight' fit within host pipe

The Compression Fit HDPE pipe lining technology specifies an HDPE pipe with an outside diameter larger in size than the inside of the host pipe to be renewed. After the PE is butt fused to correspond to the pull distance, the pipe is pulled through a reduction die immediately before entering the host pipe. This reduces the HDPE pipe temporarily below the ID of the host pipe allowing it to be inserted. While the towing load keeps the HDPE under tension during the pull, the pipe remains in its reduced size. The HDPE remains fully elastic throughout the reduction and installation process. After installation, the pulling load is removed. The HDPE pipe expands until it is halted by the inside diameter of the host pipe. The effectively natural ‘tight’ or ‘compression fit’ is accepted as exchanging an existing failing pipeline with a composite pipe in its place.

Compression Fit HDPE Pipe Lining Videos