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With millions of feet of pipe lining experience throughout North America, Murphy Pipelines is a 25-year market leader in water and wastewater rehabilitation using static pipe bursting, slip lining, and CompressionFit HDPE methods. Our solutions protect greenspace, reduce community disruption, and provide an environmentally sustainable alternative to dig and replace methods. 


The team is led by Andy Mayer, European native and previous employee of British Gas during the initial development period of pipe bursting and CompressionFit. Andy’s experience and knowledge has been pivotal to the growth of these innovative technologies in the United States.


Murphy Pipelines has effectively worked with a wide variety of clients and delivered highly successful projects, accomplishing this through a team atmosphere, strong relationships, and fundamental core values of transparency and integrity. Always doing what is in the best interest of the client and going the extra mile. 


Over our almost 25 years in business, Murphy Pipelines has received numerous awards for a job well done. Read more about our featured project awards:

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We strive to provide cost effective, efficient, and customer friendly technologies. 

Future Focused

Continuous research and development is fundamental for growth. We will reinvent, develop, innovate, and improve technologies to better the industry.


We will be your partner and your total solution provider. We work with you to identify the best solution for any challenges instead of providing an upfront low bid and increasing the cost with change orders. We work as a team on projects to take away the stigma between contractor - city - engineer.

We are Family

We treat our team members like family. Our people are not a commodity, they are a valuable part of our company and what allows us to provide exemplary service to our clients.


Supporting cities and engineers with the foundation of an educational approach to make informed decisions by understanding concepts, technologies and alternatives.

Safety & Quality 

We strive each and every day to prevent incidents that might otherwise cause harm to our workforce, the general public, or the environment. Our goal is to protect our biggest assets, our people, and our communities, by promoting an injury-free and incident-free workplace. We have an uncompromising safety program with proven safety record.

Having worked within some of the most stringent safety and quality facilities in the US, with Federal clients such as the National Nuclear Security Administration (Pantex Plant), US Air Force and Army installations and industrial clients such as CSX
Rail, we have implemented one of the strongest QA/QC platforms in utility construction that is integrated throughout the planning, design and construction process.



Murphy Pipeline Contractors is part of the PURIS Family of Companies. PURIS provides end-to-end water infrastructure renewal solutions, specializing in environmentally sustainable trenchless pipeline rehabilitation. It is home to an industry-leading family of brands with over 150 combined years in business. 

D&D Water & Sewer

a Murphy Pipeline Contractors subsidiary 

Founded on August 28, 1970, D&D has served in the State of Michigan 45 years.

D&D specializes in water and sewer installation/repair and trenchless installation of service lines and main lines (including lead line replacement). D&D has installed over 150,000 linear feet of 8″-12″ water main in the past five years. D&D also installs sanitary and storm sewer pipe. We have performed emergency water main and sewer repair services for various municipalities and clients. 



Want to join our team? Click below to ask about open positions. 

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