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Competitively Bid Procurement Contract

Available for all Government Agencies in the US

Murphy Pipeline Contractors has been awarded competitively bid cooperative purchasing contracts through Allied States Cooperative and Purchasing Cooperative of America.  The contracts are for Trenchless Technology to replace and rehab water, sewer and storm mains from 2-inch through 65-inch in diameter.


All government agencies including cities, towns, counties, universities, colleges and non-profits may become members to utilize the contract saving significant time and money.  There is no cost to become a member.  To use the contract, sign an interlocal agreement online: or


About Allied States and Purchasing Cooperative of America:


National governmental purchasing cooperatives which competitively bid and award contracts in compliance with local, state and federal procurement laws and regulations (DFAR, FAR, EDGAR).  The savings for members are realized through dealing with vendors who have been evaluated and verified to provide a quality product or service at a competitively bid price in compliance with bidding requirements.

Trenchless Technology Services included in Contract:


  • Compression Fit HDPE pipe lining

  • Pipe bursting

  • Pre-chlorinated pipe bursting

  • Slip lining

  • Directional drill

  • CIPP

  • Man hole rehabilitation

  • MH to MH pipe bursting

Cooperative Purchasing Contracts offer government agencies a competitively bid and legally procured contract to replace and renew their water, sewer and storm pipelines.  With state and local government budgets being stretched to the limit, it is essential that government leaders look for innovative ways to utilize taxpayer dollars efficiently and effectively (to do more with less).


Aggregated volume creates significant price breaks, many times in the double digit figures.  The contract lowers total cost of government by better application of resources and providing more efficient operations.  Partnering with a lead entity like Allied States or PCA reduces time, administrative overhead, while leveraging the experienced expertise of those with specialized knowledge in a sector.


For additional information or line item pricing, please contact:


Todd Grafenauer

Educational Director

Murphy Pipeline Contractors

office: 414.321.2247


For ASC membership, please contact:


Becky Hernandez

Purchasing Manager

Allied States Cooperative

office: 915-780-5021

Contract #: 17-7250

Cooperative purchasing trenchless contract


For PCA membership, please contact:


Elaine Nichols


Purchasing Cooperative of America

office: 844-722-6374

Contract #: OD-307-20

Purchasing Cooperative of America trenchless contract
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