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Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting allows for replacement of deteriorated or undersized pressure and non-pressure pipelines. The method consists of insertion of a new pipe of equal or larger diameter into the existing pipeline. The host pipe is fractured by the bursting head and then pushed into the surrounding soil by the expander which is 15% larger than the O.D. of the new pipe. The new pipe is then pulled through the annular space created by the expander.


Pipe bursting is suitable for the replacement of all pressure and non-pressure pipelines and can replace existing pipe materials such as cast iron, AC, PVC, galvanized, ductile iron, clay, concrete and steel. Pipe bursting is ideal for the replacement of 2" through 24".




Pre-chlorination eliminates the need for temporary water services. The HDPE pipe is bacteriologically disinfected and pressure tested above grade prior to installation, allowing it to be placed into service immediately after installation. Read more....


Murphy Pipeline Contractors specializes in the replacement of force main with the static pipe bursting technology.  We have millions of feet of static pipe bursting experience replacing pressure pipelines from 2" through 24".  This technology is being selected by communities across North America as a preferred replacement solution.

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