Sliplining Case Studies

Case Study: Slip Lining 36" Water Transmission Main

Client: Powell River, BC Canada

Technology: Sliplining

Details: 4,180 feet of 32" HDPE pipe sliplined in one continuous pull within 36" water main

Case Study: Slip Lining in Powell River, BC Canada

Sliplining Water Case Study
HDPE pipe fusion for sliplining
Sliplining HDPE pipe
Slip Lining HDPE
Slip Lining Job Site
Sliplining receiving pit

Case Study: Slip Lining in Saint John, NB Canada

Case Study: Slip Lining 24" Water Transmission Main

Client: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Technology: Sliplining

Details: 39,400 feet of 18", 20" & 22" HDPE pipe sliplined within existing 24" cast iron water main

Sliplining Water
Sliplining with HDPE pipe
Butt fusion of HDPE pipe with pipe stands and low profile rollers
Old case iron water main prior to sliplining
HDPE pipe during slip lining installation
CCTV inspection prior to sliplining water main
Proving pig gauging pig prior to HDPE slip lining

Case Study: 24" Drainage Improvements

Client: South Florida

Technology: Sliplining

Details: Slip lining new 24-inch HDPE pipe from outfalls to drainage structures

Tamarac 2.JPG
Tamarac 3.jpg

Case Study: Slip Lining 48" Storm Drain

Client: Sumter County, Florida

Technology: Sliplining

Details: 42" HDPE pipe slip lined within 48" corrugated metal storm sewer

Butt fusio of large diameter HDPE pipe
Sliplining storm drain sewer
Large diameter slip lining HDPE pipe storm sewer

Case Study: Slip Lining 24" Water Transmission Main

Client: Metropolitan Utilities District, Omaha, NE

Technology: Sliplining

Details: 16" HDPE pipe sliplined within 24" water main

Trenchless sliplining water main
sliplining with HDPE pipe
Fusioin - 5_edited.jpg
Slip lining water transmisson main
Grouting sliplining
Grouting afte sliplining water main