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Value in Trenchless Technology 

Our purpose is to help cities add value to their water & sewer pipeline replacement work using methods that are less intrusive to the community during construction, expedite project schedules, provide new infrastructure with an ultra-long design life, and save tax dollars by reducing overall project costs.


Murphy Pipelines is a trenchless utility contractor, established to bring the trenchless technologies of Europe to the United States.  The main focus is on pre-chlorinated pipe bursting, sliplining and CompressionFit HDPE pipe lining for water and force main replacement from 2" through 78". 


This experience allows us to confidently manage large pipeline projects in high profile and environmentally sensitive areas.  We have worked with municipalities, engineering firms and contractors throughout North America to renew valuable underground infrastructure.​

Trenchless Project of the Year

2021, 2019, 2018, 2015, 2014, 2005, 2003
Trenchless Project of the Year

Static Pipe Bursting

including Pre-chlorinated Pipe Bursting

for 2" through 24" water & force main replacement

Pre-chlorinated Pipe bursting

Pre-chlorinated pipe bursting has become the preferred water main replacement method in Europe, with over 100 million feet replaced in the past 35 years.  Today, this technology is being used by communities across North America as a solution to their aging water infrastructure.

  • Lowest overall project costs

  • 92% less restoration - Environmentally friendly

  • Crews visible to homeowners for 1 day

  • Projects completed 42% faster vs. open cut

  • No new easement required

  • Following existing utility path simplifies design (i.e GIS maps)

HDPE Pipe Lining

for 16" through 78" water transmission & sewer force main replacement

Swagelining Tight Liner HDPE

Most cities cannot afford to relocate and replace a large diameter pipeline (16” through 78”) within their vast utility network.  The result of the Compression Fit HDPE pipe lining technology is a new HDPE pipe which will be a ‘compressive fit’ inside the existing host pipe.  HDPE pipe lining offers remarkable value over other construction methods.


  • Increased flow rates over slip lining

  • Average pull distances of 2,000 feet

  • Fully structural through thin walled HDPE can be installed dependent on host pipe condition

  • 91% less excavation

  • No new easement required

  • Following existing utility path simplifies design (i.e. GIS maps)

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