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Pipe Bursting Case Studies



Case Study: 2015 Trenchless Project of the Year

Client: US Army & Arlington National Cemetery, Virgina

Technology: Pre-chlorinated Pipe bursting

Details: 74,500 feet of 6", 8" & 10" Cast Iron water main replaced with 6", 8" & 10" HDPE

Trenchless Technology Magazine

Pre-chlorinated Pipe Bursting Key to Water Main Replacement Program

Trenchless Project of the Year
Pipe bursting for water main replacement
Pipe bursting for federal water main replacement
HDPE entry pit Trenchless Technology

Case Study: Water Main Replacement in residential neighborhoods
Client: Harris County, Texas
Technology: Pre-chlorinated Pipe bursting
Details: 49,600 feet of 6", 8", 10" & 12" AC water main replaced with 6", 8", 10" & 12" HDPE pipe

NASTT No-Dig White Paper

Case Study: Water Distribution Replacement

Client: Livonia, Michigan

Technology: Pre-chlorinated Pipe bursting

Details: 32,400 feet of 6" through 12" Cast Iron water main replaced with 8" through 12" HDPE

Trenchless water line replacement
Pre-chlorinated Pipe bursting
Trenchless water main replacement
HDPE pipe fusion

Trenchless Technology Magazine

Pre-chlorinated Pipe bursting

Case Study: Water Distribution Replacement
Client: Altamonte Springs, Florida
Technology: Pre-chlorinated Pipe bursting
Details: 79,200 feet of 6" through 12" Cast Iron/AC water main replaced with 6" through 12" HDPE

Altamonte Springs, FL Article.png
Mechanical service saddles connected to the HDPE pipe
Pre-chlorinated pipe bursting in Florida
Temporary water services as all customers stay live during the pipe bursting process

Trenchless Technology Magazine

Static Pipe Bursting to Replace Force Main

Case Study: Sewer Force Main Replacement
Client: Hallandale Beach, Florida
Technology: Static Pipe bursting
Details: 5,600 feet of 14", 16" & 20" Cast Iron/Ductile Iron replaced with 14", 16" & 20" HDPE

Trenchless Technology Magazine Static Pipe bursting
Static pipe bursting sewer force main replacement
Sewer force main replacement pipe bursting
Trenchless sewer force main rehab

Municipal Water & Sewer Magazine

Bursting With Pride

Case Study: Water Distribution Replacement
Client: Round Rock, Texas
Technology: Pre-chlorinated Pipe bursting
Details:17,000 feet of 6", 8" & 12" AC replaced with 8" & 12" HDPE pipe

Municipal Water Pipe bursting
Water main replacement
Water main pipe bursting
Pipe bursting AC water main

Improving Water Pipelines Through Innovation

Case Study: Water Distribution Replacement
Client: Sanford, Florida
Technology: Pre-chlorinated Pipe bursting
Details: 42,220 feet of 2", 4" & 6" Cast Iron replaced with 6" & 8" HDPE pipe

Water Rehab Pipe bursting
Staging Area HDPE
Pipe bursting water main Florida
Ductile Iron Fittings on HDPE

Case Study: Sewer Force Main Replacement
Client: South Seminole North Orange County Water Transmission Authority, Florida
Technology: Slip Lining & Static Pipe bursting
Details: 3,950 feet of 16" Ductile Iron slipline with 10" HDPE & 4,400 feet of 10" PVC replaced with 10" HDPE by static pipe bursting

Trenchless Technology Magazine

HDPE Pipeline Project uses Multiple Trenchless Methods

Trenchless Technology Magazine Article
HDPE pipe fusion
Burst head during pipe bursting process
Florida pipe bursting sewer force main

Railway Age Magazine

CSX Transportation

Case Study: Fire Main System Replacement
Client: CSX Rail, Waycross, GA Yard
Technology: Static Pipe bursting
Details: 4,800 feet of 6" & 8" Cast Iron replaced with 8" & 10" HDPE pipe

CSX Rail Fire Suppresion system Replacement
CSX Rail fire main replacement
pipe bursting extraction cage
pipe bursting launch or entry pit
CSX Rail and HDPE pipe
waterline replacement method

Additional Case Studies

Texas water main pipe bursting

Austin, Texas Embraces Pre-chlorinated Pipe bursting in Water Main Replacement Program

UCTA MVP Andy Mayer

UCTA Most Valuable Professional Award Winner Andy Mayer

Florida trenchless water main replacement

The City of Port St. Lucie’s
programmatic approach to asbestos
cement pipe bursting

Water Rehabilitation Trenchless

Trenchless Technology Magazine

Emerging Trends in Drinking Water Rehabilitation

Florida Pre-chlorinated pipe bursting

Civil Infrastructure Magazine

Pre-chlorination with Pipe Bursting

Florida pre-chlorinated pipe bursting

Case Study: Chlorine Resistant HDPE pipe installed by pipe bursting

Protecting Environmental Areas Pipe bursting

NASTT No-Dig White Paper

Protecting Sensitive Environmental Areas

Everglades National Park

Alberta water main pipe bursting

Drumheller, Alberta: Dinosaur Capital of the World Uses Pipe Bursting to Replace Water Main

Water main replacement trenchless technology

A Better Value in Water Main Replacement

Indiana pipe bursting water mai

Trenchless Technology Magazine

Pre-chlorinated Pipe bursting Heading North

Michigan pipe bursting water main

Trenchless Technology Magazine

Pioneers of Pre-chlorinated Pipe Bursting Set the Standard in Michigan

Wisconsin pipe burstin water main

University of Wisconsin Campus Life Unaffected using Pre-chlorinated Pipe bursting

Florida trenchless water line replacement

Underground Construction Magazine: Pre-chlorinated Pipe Rehab Continues US Growth


“The pre-chlorinated pipe bursting technology is unparalleled to traditional replacement methods.  The technology proved to be customer friendly, efficient, aesthetically pleasing and less costly.”

Patrick A. Hogan, Utility Director City of Livonia, MI


“We commend your crews on the knowledge and skill demonstrated out on the pre-chlorinated pipe bursting project.  As this was the first pipe bursting project completed in the City of Austin, the additional time spent to educate and assist our personnel is greatly appreciated.”

Bimal Adhikary, Engineer Team Leader City of Austin, TX


"Reflecting back to the fall of 2005 when I became aware of the pre-chlorinated pipe bursting process through a site visit to your Fort Wayne, IN project, I recongnized the method had merit.  However, based on my first hand experiences with the Livonia project, I feel I can now fully endorse the pre-chlorinated pipe bursting method as a preferred method for water main replacement."

Daniel W. Mitchell, Principal Engineer Hubbell, Roth & Clark


"Throughout the project, many construction challenges arose.  Even with these challenges, your crews demonstrated their experience in static pipe bursting and continued until the project was completed."

Earl S. King III, Deputy Director of Utilities & Engineering City of Hallandale Beach, FL


"Please be advised that Mr. Andy Mayer of Murphy Pipeline Contractors is our lead instructor and adviser for the Flroida Sectional AWWA in our continued training program for Pre-chlorination.  Mr. Mayer has been instrumental in our Pre-chlorination efforts since 1999 when he first introduced the method.  Since then he has directed all projects across the state of Florida and has chaired all training sessions."

Larry J. Ruffin, Chairman FS/AWWA


"Murphy Pipeline Contractors has completed well over 1,000,000 linear feet of static pipe bursting using TT Technologies pipe bursting equipement over the past decade.  Their training and experience make them well qaulified on any pipe bursting project.  Andy Mayer has over 30 years of experience in the underground construction industry.  He was involved in the beginning of the actual inventing of pipe bursting while working for British Gas in England.  After starting his pipe bursting career in London, Andy moved from the U.K. to the United States in 1999 and has been a leader of the US pipe bursting industry.  In particular, he is the undisputed pioneer of introducing the pre-chlorinated pipe bursting method to water companies in the United States and Canada."

Christian J. Brahler, President/CEO TT Technologies, Inc.


"Without a doubt pipe bursting is the most cost effective, least disruptive and efficient way to upgrade and replace deteriorating infrastructure. I can't thank Todd and Andy enough for introducing us to pipe bursting and the support in getting started and assistance over the years with the cities program."
Craig Campbell, Deputy Assistant Utility Director City of Winter Park, FL
"I want you to know how impressed I am with Murphy Pipeline and their employees. They started on the other side of the neighborhood, so I was able to watch them progress closer to my house.  I was impressed by their work and cleanliness. I was shocked at the level of perfection shown by them is why I am writing you this letter.  If every company was as professional as they are, this would be a different world."
Matthew Clark, Resident/Homeowner in Maitland, FL
"I want to make a special note of the MPC workmen – they were fast and efficient. They arrived organized, went about their business with minimum noise and disruption, considering the huge project with which they were tasked. I personally noticed several incidents where their equipment was blocking the roadway where they made special effort to move equipment or otherwise direct traffic around the areas swiftly to keep our residents cars moving. They were courteous and did their best to keep positive relations with our neighbors."
Kent Perrin, Resident/Homeowner in Pompano Beach, FL
"It went really great overall. As you know, the project went through the heart of the City and an area with a lot of utilities. When any issue came up, it was easy to communicate the fix and your guys were quick to resolve.  I just got off the phone with our inspector over this project, he said “I don’t think we could have picked a better contractor to do the work”. That says a lot as he has been inspecting with us for a long time."
Phillip Olivi, P.E., W.L. Burle Engineers
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